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An NGO founded by a group of passionate Special Education professionals and advocates dedicated to improving the condition of Special Education in China.

Our mission

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Our goals

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Our Mission

To improve the condition of special education in China.

  • Raise

    Coordinating fun and meaningful events in collaboration with community partners to help raise awareness about special needs within local communities.

  • Specialized

    Online and offline curriculum specially created to raise the level of special needs care provided by teacher’s assistants, parents and teachers throughout China.

  • international expert Network

    Connecting specialists from abroad with local schools to share experience, knowledge and expertise with the goal of empowering special educators in China.

Our Actions

In need of your help.

Careers In Care

Careers In Care (CIC) provides Essential Training For The Special Education System Of China


Raising awareness of special education within our communities through inclusive activities

Special Educators Abroad

Special Educators Abroad (SEA) aims to bring experts into China for adventure and sharing

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Our Team

We are a group of passionate volunteers, dedicated to making a real difference in Special Education.
Using our unique superpowers, we will fight for change and have a blast doing so!

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